Decode PHP files


Send us any file via email and you will receive demo code for free.

Decode ioncube for PHP (up to 5.6-7.0), ioncube !odMbo! template, zend, plesk, fopo, sourcecop (scopbin), ixcsoft, kingtelecom files for €0.30 per file. Minimum order €5

Decode ioncube PHP7.1+: €8 per file (much better price for more files).

Decode ioncube with Dynamic/External Keys: €30 - €60 per file depending on files.

Clean 'goto' from PHP files: price is half of file size (KB) in EUR (€). Minimum order €5. 100% decoded files!

Decode SourceGuardian: €8 per file (much better price for more files).

Disassemble OPCACHE files for €5 per file.

Deobfuscate ioncube24 PHP files: €50 per file.

Decode phpshadow, xtreampower, php-beast, dashboard and more... files: €5 per file.

Other files: ask for demo and price!

We are not responsible for clients' files copyrights. Clients are responsible for their files copyrights in ALL our services!