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  • odMbo files

    odMbo files

    !odMbo! files are php templates files that have been encrypted with ioncube. These files use a unique number (which is stored in encoded ic .php files) for decrypting the source code of the template file. If there is no way to get an ic .php protected file from the same script, then we use brute…

  • Decode perl files

    Decode perl files

    Some perl scripts use perl extensions to protect the code. If you need to check the code, you have to reverse the encoded files. After reverse analysis, you see that you have only to replce any “int 3” into “nop” and catch the output of the decoding procedure. The hard part of this job is…

  • Decrypt “goto” PHP files

    Decrypt “goto” PHP files

    This is the best protection for PHP files and it is open  source as the PHP is too! Variables and functions names are replaced with random values. So, there is no way to recover the original values. The code’s flow control is a mess! The code still remains fast as the added opcodes are just…