Decrypt “goto” PHP files

This is the best protection for PHP files and it is open  source as the PHP is too!

Variables and functions names are replaced with random values. So, there is no way to recover the original values.

The code’s flow control is a mess! The code still remains fast as the added opcodes are just some “JMP”s.

There are two ways to decrypt these files:

1. Find and replace the commands in the right place manually. At the end of this procedure, there will be some “goto” but the code will be readable. It is good enough for very small files.

2. Recover the opcodes using the Zend Optimazation Engine. The optimazation will eliminate the “goto” opcodes. Recovering the source code (like ioncube/sourceguardian) will give a very good result. In most cases, the decoded file will NOT work properly. The solution is to use a patched version of optimazation. That’s what we do!