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  • How ioncube license protection works

    How ioncube license protection works

    The ioncube protected PHP files could be bind to a license file with several restrictions. Restrictions may be expiration date, mac address, domain names. License file also may contain properties and keys that can be used from the source code. Developers use license files to share the same protected script to different users. The license…

  • Decompile sourceguardian PHP files

    Decompile sourceguardian PHP files

    This tool is very similar to ioncube tool. It uses the same protection method (converting source code into bytecode and protecting it with obfuscation).  Decoding procedures are similar to ioncube tool. Both protections, sourceguardian (sg) and ioncube (ic), compile the source code for different PHP versions. sg saves all compiled versions inside the unique obfuscated…

  • Decompile ioncube PHP files

    Decompile ioncube PHP files

    This tool uses the technique of compiling to bytecode prior to encoding so that source code is eliminated, and runtime overheads are reduced. There are two ways to recover the source. 1. Reversing the whole tool. The safest and hardest way to get the opcodes of the file. First remove the custom base64 encoding (image1)…